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Great subversive minds Patti Smith and David Lynch sit down together to discuss the surprising process of aging,  channeling creative energy, and the horror of normalcy. They are genuinely excited to be in conversation with one another and it’s palpable.

In the 80’s the Bud Light spokes-dog, Spuds Mackenzie, was the embodiment of the hard partying 1980’s bro. He got all the girls, wore tuxes, rode in limos, “the original party animal.” One problem. Spuds was a girl. The rise and fall of a great ad dog.

What is latrinalia? The long tradition of toilet graffiti, dating back to the first century AD. The john brings out the poet in us all:

“What makes toilet graffiti special, and worthy of its own entire category, is the uniqueness of the space in which people are writing. Public bathrooms are weird places. There’s a tension to doing private activities in a public space, with only the flimsiest of boundaries hiding some of our culture’s biggest taboos—genitals and bodily functions. Hence all the scatological and sexual prose that latrinalia often consists of: People are just deriving inspiration from their surroundings.”

Writer Kira Garcia offers a profound and stupendous subway emotional-awareness campaign.

Novelist Ursula K. Le Guin gave a jaw-dropping speech at this year’s National Book Awards:

“Hard times are coming, when we’ll be wanting the voices of writers who can see alternatives to how we live now, can see through our fear-stricken society and its obsessive technologies to other ways of being, and even imagine real grounds for hope. We’ll need writers who can remember freedom – poets, visionaries – realists of a larger reality.”

In VICE’s new Digital Love series, people are falling in love — and fucking with — tech. This first episode explores the epicenter of sex innovation, L.A.’s Porn Valley, where virtual reality meets the money shot.