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What happens after you rent your house out 120 times on Airbnb? Greg Muender needed money while he was seed funding his new startup, so he opened his doors to the strangers across the world who crashed on his couch, redecorated his apartment, and made him $7,000 in one month.

Just when you thought enhanced beauty stopped at the scalpel or the still image, Mashable is here to burst your bubble. Let me introduce you to beauty work — a pioneering digital enhancement technique that retouches video. According to Claus Hansen, who specializes in the technique, “Nobody looks like what you see on TV and in the movies. Everybody is altered.”

Meet Jim Powers, the Mosaic Man planting landmark artworks across the lower east side:

Here’s the odd history of the first erotic computer game which, turns out, involved absolutely no images. Leave it all to text.

It’s the era of the chef. What was once considered a means to an end is now a profession for culinary rock stars. This is what it’s like to be a Gene Simmons caliber chef with sex groupies.

If you want to change your core personality, you better do it by the time you’re thirty.

Refinery29 understands the universal derrière obsession is not limited to women. Here are 30 men showing off their butts and their very complicated relationships to said behinds.