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You like getting drunk because 10 million years ago hominids loved eating rotten, fermented fruit from the ground and developed the ability to metabolize alcohol. The artist’s rendering of the boozy fruit consumption is worth the click.

A digital vigilante has started a new blog called Racists Getting Fired — where, well, people contact the employers of those who post rampantly racist viewpoints on social media. For example, one Mr. VA Truck Driver was fired from his route after posting things about “fuckers in Ferguson rioting.” While surely there are more helpful ways of processing Ferguson, it’s a handy reminder that the internet isn’t the  empty void we always assume it is.

Cigarette smokers are a growing breed in New York City and their biggest threat are those who want to bum a smoke, except — some prominent smokers add — if said mooch is a fine looking lady.

Rolling Stones’ saxophonist Bobby Keys passed away yesterday at 70 years old. He played on classics like “Brown Sugar” and “Live with Me.” The dude really understood rock ‘n’ roll, too. In 2012, he told Rolling Stone:

“If you believe in the magic of rock & roll, which I devoutly do, it isn’t in the individual. I’ve played in bands with A-team players around, but unless they can play together, it doesn’t do any good.”

Last night I was feeling a bit under the weather and couldn’t manage to fall asleep. YouTube is an ocean filled with sleep-inducing hypnosis videos, so I stuck my big toe in the water. Then I found this. Out emerged a hallucinatory subculture of hypnotic PUAs, hands-free orgasm videos, and hypnohookup communities. I still didn’t really get to sleep.

At age 26, a heroin-addled, grieving Cheryl Strayed went into the wilderness to hike 1,100 miles alone. How did the resulting book Wild (and, ultimately, the Reese Witherspoon movie) become so popular?

This is how you win a break up on Instagram.