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Photographer Patrick Morarescu has spent the last four years taking photographs of over 180 performance artists immediately after they’ve finished performing. Whether couched by stuffing or drenched in barbecue sauce, Morarescu’s portraits capture an exhilaration and energy only art can deliver.

Gather round the bong: Today’s strongest strain of weed has 7 times the THC concentration than your stash in the 90s did. And it’s more legal and more bougie than ever. Which means, pipe-touting grandmothers and acne-ridden kids who just heard “The Wall” for the first time should really learn their stuff. Take a look at this fool-proof guide to legalization, inhalation, and weed jargon. Quiz: do you know what sinsemilla is?

In other bud news, one of the first studies to determine whether weed can help veterans with PTSD was just given the greenlight, which is a hard pun to avoid.

Here are some moving and horrifying photos from the second night of Eric Garner protests.

Do you have places on your body that could only have been concealed there by a god with a sense of humor? I look in the mirror and couldn’t find any, but author Ben Okri found some in a sex scene for his book The Age of Magic, which has been awarded the 22nd annual Literary Review Bad Sex in Fiction Award. Here’s an excerpt from the offending passage:

“When his hand brushed her nipple it tripped a switch and she came alight. He touched her belly and his hand seemed to burn through her. He lavished on her body indirect touches and bitter-sweet sensations flooded her brain.

She became aware of places in her that could only have been concealed there by a god with a sense of humour. Adrift on warm currents, no longer of this world, she became aware of him gliding into her.”

You might be very familiar with Laura Grady’s body, her hips and breasts have been swapped in for Helena Bonham Carter, Marisa Tomei, and Amy Smart’s lovely limbs. She claims the two weeks she spent in bed filming Fight Club were the height of her career as a body-double.

I spent my prom sober, hiding from my date, and eventually on the lap of another dude. Which is not what the 1800s coming out party was intended for. Here’s prom’s quaint and way-too-sophisticated history.