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Everyday, Jerome Jarre wakes up and Snapchats and Vines his way through the world, connecting with obliging strangers whose faces will then be sent out to his more than eight million person following. He pranks, he prods, and delights all with his wild Cheshire cat grin.

Here’s a deep dive into the history of “Sandstorm” by Finnish musician Daradue, which explains how that annoying dance song became a wildly popular internet meme. Now you won’t be able to get it out of your head either. Enjoy.

Have you been wondering what the Ikea monkey’s been up to? Of course you haven’t. But the Daily Dot’s got full coverage of the cute little guy in the coat we still can’t get enough of.

I’m immeasurably exhausted today. You are too. There’s a Genesis flood outside and it’s not going to stop soon. Let’s just settle in for another video, shall we? This one is about mastering the fine art of filthy bedroom language with Rosetta Stone: Dirty Talk. (Note: Doesn’t exist, but probably should.)

Akilah Hughes, Michelle Markowitz, Shoshana Roberts (you know, from the street harassment video), and members of the Upright Citizen’s Brigade teamed up to bring you a fool-proof video guide to navigating your company’s holiday party. But I have an addendum, which is don’t drink 4 glasses of wine, dance in the lobby with coworkers to Ma$e, and then post a Facebook status, “I’m dancing to Ma$e!!!!”

Is livestreaming the start of a revolution or just new media? Um, well, probably both.