Make Your Bets on Britain’s Sexiest Farmer

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Old McDonald had a six pack E-I-E-I-O. 

Hard work ethic can be one of the sexiest qualities in a person. Subsequently, so can a hard body. Farmers prove that both mental and physical stamina in their work can be both inspiring and sexy as hell. To prove there's much more to our corn growing/ cattle prodding farm friends, Farmers Weekly has launched the Britain's Sexiest Farmer competition. 

After more than 300 nominations, of both men and women, the judges at FW have selected a top 10 and opened the voting on their Facebook. Here are two of our favorites from the competition.

Alex Royall

Alex is a 28 year-old farm hand who specializes in beef, sheep at potatoes for a large farming estate in Norfolk (multi-talented!). He has been working on a farm since the age of 16 and hopes to one day own his own livestock enterprise. In addition to farming, he's an excellent chef, cooking up specialties in the kitchen with the game he hunts.

Rachel Churches

Rachel is an 18-year-old farmer's daughter from Somerset. The college senior's special skills include welding, milking, and tractor driving. As a member of Somerset Young Farmers, she is passionate about promoting the farming industry. After graduation, Rachel hopes to travel, working on farms in New Zealand.

Click here to view the view the remaining Top 10. 

[h/t Daily Mail]
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