New Sleep-Monitoring Gadget Lets You Control Your Dreams

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AKA have a lot of imaginary sex. 

The creators of the Aurora headband, a new sleep-monitoring gadget which facilitates lucid dreaming, are offering a way for you to take control of your dreams. Anything is possible: flying in space, battling a dragon, or having really amazing sex with your celebrity crush. 

Lucid dreaming is a state of sleeping in the REM cycle where you as the sleeper are aware that you are dreaming and can manipulate your thoughts to essentially control your dream. Inception is real ya'll. The headband also connects to a smartphone app, which allows you to set up your own personal "dream signs" (for repeat experiences) and a Smart Alarm Clock, which will wake you up at the exact time your body is most refreshed. 

The Auraro headband just completed a fully-funded Kickstarter campaign and hopes to start shipping products by June 2014. 

[h/t Design Taxi]