Olympic Speed Skater Unzips Top After Win, Realizes She’s Nude Underneath

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And the crowd goes wild. 

Soccer stars like David Beckham celebrate a victory by immediately ripping off their shirts as if their dri-fit polyester jersey is suddenly as heavy as giving Paula Deen a piggy-back ride. The crowd generally goes wild.

After winning a bronze medal in Sunday's Sochi Olympic 3000m speedskating event, Russia's Olga Graf also sought relief from her skin-tight uniform. So, she unzipped it down to her stomach and after about half a victory lap she realized there was nothing in between her skin and the cool breeze off the Sochi ice. 

With strict regulations in regards to sexual explicit actions, one would think Graf might fear a punishment from her home country, but Russian President Vladimir Putin clearly didn't mind. "You brought an unforgettable moment of triumph and utter joy to millions of fans by taking the first medal of our team," he told Graf in a public statement. Maybe this is the start of a trend?

[h/t Yahoo! Sport]