New Sex-Themed Restaurant in Taiwan Serves Up Raunchy Meals

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You are encouraged to play with your food.

The voracity with which we are being hit with bizarre theme restaurants — toilet diners, dinners in the sky, hospital cafés — should mean the opening of a Taiwanese sex-themed restaurant comes with no surprise. Funny Sex, Taiwan's first dirty-themed restaurant, just made its debut in Kaohsiung, the second biggest city on the island. Owned by an erotic memorabilia collector, some of Funny Sex's more enticing decor includes a custom-ordered two-meter long penis sculpture, inflatable sex dolls that make table-side visits, and of course, a soap dispenser shaped like two giant breasts. On the menu, the chocolate pudding is sculpted into a life-like phallus (think veins), the rice resembles an erection, and the stew-filled crockpots are shaped like boobs.

From the looks of Funny Sex, customers will have an experience akin to entering the infamous Korova Milk Bar from A Clockwork Orange — all deviance, immaturity, and nipple dispensers abound. The adults-only sextaurant is sure to draw a crowd looking not for fine cuisine but for an exclusive wine and inflatable dick pairing. May we suggest a shiraz?

[h/t Shanghaiist]