Sexual Assault Survivors Disprove the Myth that What a Woman Is Wearing Matters

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Twitter user @Steenfox asks the question, "what were you wearing when you were assaulted?" and the answers are overwhelming.

Earlier on Wednesday, prolific Twitter user @Steenfox debated with a follower who argued that the way a woman is dressed can be a contributing factor to sexual assault. 

"I was trying to make him understand that it absolutely does not make a difference, and that the responsibility does not lie on women," Fox said in an interview with The Root.

So when she saw a news report about a teenage boy who raped his grandmother, she had this comment: 

This inspired her to ask for something from her followers:

The response was immediate and visceral, with hundreds of tweets coming in all night. Out of respect for the contributors, we've only included stories direct messaged to and manually retweeted by @Steenfox: 


There are hundreds more upsetting, powerful stories on Steenfox's timeline. The volume of responses to this organic, spontaneous prompt is more than enough to disprove the myth that what a woman is wearing has anything to do with sexual predation. If anyone claims otherwise, they should be directed toward this thread.