Virtual Strippers Bring Sophistication When Camgirls Don’t Cut It

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VirtuaGirl lets you download dancing naked ladies to your desktop.

VirtuaGirl is the digital version of a sexy girl calendar on the office wall of an auto body shop. In the social web era, where camgirls will shout out patrons by name during their performance, comments are enabled on porn videos, and every adult performer has an aggressive social media presence, there's something nostalgic and almost wholesome about a program that plays prerecorded strip shows in the bottom right corner of a computer monitor. 

"15 years ago, two young and sex-addicted engineers paid the service of a stripper to visit them at home. The idea was born: a personal virtual stripclub," a representative for VirtuaGirl told Nerve. It works like this: you download the the VirtuaGirl player, which is a sketchy thing to have to do. Adult entertainment companies are not noted for being safe and aboveboard with their data collection policies. According to this thorough consumer review, though, it's safe. But if the idea of having to install a program is a turnoff, I don't blame you. If you do install, you can choose from over 1,500 performers, some with multiple routines. Pay one or two credits ($1-2), and you can download a half-hour to forty-five minute long strip show. And then you have a three inch tall stripper jiggling around in your peripheral while you check your email. 

The routines are not interactive. "Girls are totally autonomous," VirtualGirl explained. The girls don't talk. There's music, but it's thankfully mutable. There are no scrolling comments along the side. The girls are very beautiful, often Eastern European types. The videos are high-quality. It's gentle, X-rated smut. If you saw this on your weird uncle's computer, you wouldn't be remotely creeped out by it. It may be a relic more befitting of 2003, but according to VirtuaGirl, the nostalgia of a digital stripper still gets plenty of business.

Image via VirtuaGirl.