Terrible YouTube Comedian Has ‘Air Sex’ with Women Without Their Consent

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Spoiler: it's not funny.

French comedian Rémi Gaillard, is known for his prank videos. In some, he fills an elevator with home decor, in another, he hops around a field in a childish kangaroo costume. Perhaps there's a cultural divide, but much of the Gaillard channel is a far cry from funny. But none of his videos have quite reached the apotheosis of stupid, unfunny offensiveness that is "Free Sex" — a new video in which Gaillard sneaks up behind unsuspecting women and simulates having sex with them.

As he mocks doggie style intercourse, cunnilingus, and fellatio with strangers who are tying their shoes, reading in the park, and picking up groceries, it's evident that the only joke here is that the women don't know he's having "sex" with them. For anyone who is not Daniel Tosh, it goes without saying that there is nothing funny ha-ha-ha about rape.

But, unfortunately, stupid is popular. Now flagged with a mature content warning, "Free Sex" has already garnered over 4 million hits in the first five days it's been on YouTube (no clue how many of those are "hate watches" and how many are real). While many women have taken to Twitter to call Gaillard out for his sexist, horrific video, he has responded on his Facebook that 100 percent of the women in the video agreed to appear and had no issues with its distribution. According to the Daily Dot, he argued, "Women are not objects, and yet, the media is feasting on this humorous video. If the video doesn't make everyone laugh, that's another story."

This isn't the first recent YouTube sensation to make a name from being rape-y. Last year's "Greeting People with a Kiss" and "Sweeping Girls Off Their Feet" made pranks of assault when participants went up behind women to either kiss them or pick them up by surprise. Bros, it's time to recognize when a joke has no punchline.

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Image via YouTube.