The 15 Best Things We Learned About the Inner Workings of Pornhub

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Do they really have the best job in the world?

Here at the Nerve offices, we are surrounded by sex, but never quite to the enviable extent that we imagine the Pornhub team is. When Katie, Rusty, Corey, and Brett, four employees at the free porn receptacle, decided to host a Reddit AMA today, we got incredibly excited. They claimed they were "open to (almost) all questions," and they weren't kidding around. Here are the 15 funniest and most informative Q&As.

1. Do any of you ever look at some of the videos and just think "what the fuck is that?" or does nothing surprise you anymore?
haah yes it still happens. Anal prolapses, eels in asses, tentacles. It still surprises me from time to time.

2. How do you feel about your jobs? How would you answer if someone asked you what you do for a living? What about your parents?
We love it. We work for the 60th biggest website in the world, porn or not, that's pretty impressive.
They usually don't believe me when I tell them.
I ask my parents for suggestions to improve the UI of the site all the time.

3. What is THE worst job to have in the industry?
Cleaning up after a scene is complete. -Katie

4. Do you guys have a masturbation room? I mean, being around so much porn all the time has to take its toll on you.
I've masturbated in the bathrooms before -Rusty.
WTF!? It becomes white noise… for most of us… -Brett

5. Tits or ass?
ASS -Katie
ASS -Brett
TITS – Corey
ASS -Rusty

6. Is there anything that is NOT allowed on the site besides minors?
The illegal stuff, beasts, rape, stabbings, beheadings, executions of political leaders.

7. How are your office headquarters decorated? Just curious about what type of environment you all work in.
Pretty standard office. The only difference is the hardcore scenes sometimes playing on people screens.

8. Siri just did an AMA yesterday where she said that free tube sites like yours are ruining the porn industry and are going to make high quality videos non existent. I assume you guys are pro-tube but what would you say in response to that?
We work with 100s, maybe 1000s now of content producers. They upload great clips and we give them banners and traffic in exchange. We're partners with almost everyone. Yes, the industry has changed in the past years but Tubes like us drive thousands of sales a day.

9. Did you guys ever get a response to your proposition of fixing the US Healthcare site?
Yes we got a response! The Whitehouse officially declined to work with us. Our developers were sad.

10. How often do people really share a video on reddit, Twitter, etc.? That option has always amused the shit outta me
Thousands a day. You would be surprised. We get millions of social traffic visits a month.

11. You've probably seen a lot of porn, but has anyone at Pornhub ever featured in a porno?
Never. Company policy.

12. How did you feel about being used so prominently in Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Don Jon? Did he approach you about it, or how did that work?
The studio approached us about it. We thought it was a great idea. We never met Joe but we heard he was happy to have us on board.

13. Are you sick of watching porn yet? Has your constantly porn filled work environment killed your libido or forced you into extreme kinks?
I only get off to midgets pissing on each other. -Rusty
I watch even more porn now! – Katie!

14. What's are the usage statistics of gay and lesbian videos compared to straight videos?
About 10% of our traffic browses gay videos.

15. How much $$ does the site make?
More than your dad brings home. -Katie


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