The 5 Most Incredible Pole Dancing Videos

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Trust me, you don't have enough singles for these performances.

It's high time that pole dancing be recognized as a rigorous form of athleticism – they have world championships. It's half gymnastics, half seduction. These artists take their bodies and the pole to new heights. Sit back, relax, and be mesmerized by their quad strength. I guarantee you will forget that pole dancing this elegant and artful was ever synonymous with stripping.

1. The Fifth Element Routine

If you had no idea that the song sung by the blue alien in The Fifth Element would be this moving set to a pole dancing routine, then you've been missing out. Oona Kivela's routine at the International Pole Championship blows us all away.

2. The Storyteller

Jenyne Butterfly's 2011 routine to Florence + the Machine's Dog Days Are Over is legendary. Her performances are breathtaking and unique in that she tells a story with the song, much like ballet.

3. The Seductress

Winner of Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006, Felix Cane is one of the most captivating pole dancers in the world. The height of her heels, her humble demeanor, and the incredible grip of her legs make for easily the sexiest performance on this list.

4. The Top

It's hard to believe that she only placed third in the Pole Art 2011 competition, because Anastasia Shukhtorova simply defies gravity. Watch her spin like a muscular top auditioning for The Nutcracker.

5. The Man

No, Evegny Greshilov, who starred in Pole Art 2012, is not as breathtaking as the ladies, but he holds his own. His performative and quirky routine will make you wish more guys would take a swing on the pole. Of course, when it's men they call it "pole fitness". That's a cop out.

Bonus: They have doubles competitions, too.


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