The Sexiest Men on Reddit Will Get Naked for Bitcoin

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Digital currency for digital pleasure. 

Sexually savvy Reddit users, of both sexes, are starting a revolution by offering their personal photos and videos in exchange for Bitcoins. Reddit, along with StripCoin.com, are essentially providing a free platform for willing users to collect payment for stripping, without those pesky fees other live cam site charge you to perform. Don't you just hate those?

The men's thread, r/GuysGoneBitcoin, has unfortunately taken a little longer to gain traction than its female counterpart. With only a couple pages of content and few comments, the thread seems a little sad. But over the past two weeks, business has, um, perked up a bit. More users are posting verified photos for participation and more customers are commenting to connect with their favorite men. 

If guys stripping via video is your thing, just scroll through the postings to find your perfect guy. Follow his personal URL and exchange payment through your Bitcoin wallet. Here are a few of our favorite guys from r/GuysGoneBitcoin (and for the really NSFW images that show what they're working with, check out the original thread).

[h/t The Daily Dot]

Images via Reddit