These Tattooed Seniors Show Ink Looks Good at Any Age

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Sexy? Saggy? Or a little of both.

Most tattoo aficionados put a lot of thought into the design selection of their ink, others just focus on the pain that is inevitably headed their way. But is anyone thinking hard enough about what's going to happen to their inked artwork as their body ages? As skin stretches with weigh gain, or sags with age, tattoos on those bodies are bound to change with the canvas on which they are applied. To give a visual illustration of how tattoos age with us, Reddit user clevknife sourced numerous photos of senior citizens with some pretty badass ink. 

For the individuals who took care of their ink with fitness and protection from the sun, they prove that sexy tattoos are timeless. Our biggest recommendation is if you're going with any tatt larger than, say a key, don't skimp on the sunblock.

Check out all the inked seniors here.

Images via Reddit.

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