These Parody Beauty Ads Poke Fun at Popular Photoshop Edits

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For that poreless android look you'll never achieve in real life. 

I took basic graphic design one semester in college. The instructor, a full-time photographer, was teaching us quick-edit tips we could use on everyday snapshots in Photoshop. I think I painted my teeth stark white on every single one of my Facebook photos. Seriously, my teeth looked like they were carved out of piano keys. It wasn't cute. But, we live in a Photoshopped world. You can take any old photo of yourself and with a few quick clicks update your eye color, waist size, skin tone, you name it.  

Redditor aliyra created a series of parody beauty ads (ironically in Photoshop), to highlight these enhancements made to models by the beauty industry. 


[h/t 22 Words]