Strange Nude Photography Inside a Natural History Museum (NSFW)

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Because nothing is more beautiful than a stuffed baby lemur. 

In a new mini-series by Swiss photographer, Vicky Althaus, a nude model is featured wandering through a vacant natural history museum. The somewhat awkward subject shows little-to-no emotion as she makes direct eye contact with the camera amongst numerous taxidermied animals.

The drab lighting, strange scenery, and unemotional female participant are almost comical, in the same way you giggle at an 86 year-old man coming on to you in the check-out line at Whole Foods. Though deeper thought into the purpose could spark discussions on how we as humans obsess over our own preservation and self display.

Here's a look at the perplexing series.  

[h/t Beautiful/Decay]

Images via Vicky Althaus