This Is the World’s Sexiest Gay Real Estate Ad

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You're supposed to be checking out the house.

3-bedrooms? Check. 3 bathrooms? Check. 16 half-naked, bi-curious dudes stretched into oiled poses on the lawn? Checkmate! 

One homeowner in Fairfax, California recently took charge of the housing market in a serious way with his listing featuring a mélange of painfully buff and perfect ambiguously gay gentlemen sprawling in his three-bedroom estate. 

Please enjoy the following documents for research purposes. The home has already sold for $1.8 million, so it appears that this ploy really worked.

"Welcome to the open house of your dreams, gentlemen."

"So lyke, what do you guyz think about the veranda?"

"Chad here! Jumpin' through windows like I don't give a fuck"



"Sorry! You just caught me relaxing naked in this empty tub. LOL!"

"Anyone wanna check out the breakfast nook?"

"Best. Oscars. Ever!"

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