This Video Perfectly Describes Your Sexual Tension with Your Coworker

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"I want to spit down your throat."

Sexy coworkers, we've all had them. Confusing us, distracting us from our work, lingering a little too long by our side at happy hours. Whenever a stranger outside the office mistakes you as a couple, you feel secretly validated. Perhaps most frustrating of all, you can never make your move because they're chronically in a long term relationship with people named Carrie or Todd who they frequently whisk off to the Catskills for the weekend.

Joining Above Average's hilarious "Commentary On" series, the "Sexual Tension" edition offers an incisive take on what it's like to be in love with a friend. "Sometimes I overlaugh at the office just so you'll come over to my desk," the woman admits. "I just want to spit down your throat," the man admits. As with all excruciating sexual tension, it escalates fast.