Transgendered Population Viewed As Lucky in Oaxaca-Mexico

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MUXES – We are Princesses in a land of Machos.

Oaxaca, an officially free and sovereign state within Mexico, is home to more than 3000 homosexuals known as Los Muxes. This predominantly transgendered community are viewed as good luck for their families. In fact, the the Muxes enjoy respect and admiration from most of the country. 

According to a local taxi-driver, there is a homosexual in every family and Muxes themselves assert to be “fallen from a broken pocket of San Vicente Ferrer” the patron saint of Juchitan, during his holy walk over the town, which is why they are viewed as a symbol of luck. 

The homosexuals of Juchitan are groundbreaking in a way, having gained crucial roles in economic and political activities, normally reserved only for straight men. 

“A lot of us are in this way, because our parents have converted us and treated as female, “says Felina, a 36 year-old Muxes, owner of a beauty salon. ”I’m not a man… I’m not a woman… I’m a Muxes and there is place for everybody in the Vineyard of Lord.“

Award winning photographer Nicola Ókin Frioli shot a series of photographs showcasing Muxes in Juchitan. Take a look at her work here. 

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Images via Nicola Ókin Frioli