Twitter’s Most Absurd Reactions to Women Joining Movember

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Did you know people on Twitter have opinions about things?

Every November, in an effort to raise awareness and funds for prostate and testicular cancer, men around the world vow to leave their upper lips unshaven for thirty days in a movement called Movember. (The "funds" part involves getting people to sponsor your 'stache.)  But only men. This is facial hair, people, and everybody knows that women do not have hair other than what grows on their heads or an interest in health awareness. Offended that the women of the world would want to take part in such a holy month (and by the idea that women are anything other than naked mole rats with boobs), Twitter has exploded in a veritable word-storm of people sounding off on the idea of women joining Movember.


How do you parody someone whose entire public persona seems to already be a parody?


Did anyone order a side of racism with their cancer awareness? Hi-larious!



I actually have forgotten completely what we’re talking about because I am consumed with the desire to get this guy’s number. I just know he’d treat a woman well.


Proof that women will, in fact, turn on each other for retweets.


Perfect Girlfriend lives up to her name by reminding us that charity is sexy.

Employing pubic topiary skills in the name of curing cancer is a win in our book.


Thank God a parody Mars rover account weighed in on this.


This is the first time I’ve ever agreed with someone quoting Green Day.


She saw the parody Will Ferrell's "D" and raised it a "V." Nobody's getting laid!


This is the internet. There's no way he's being sincere.