Watch These Women Try Out a Sex Toy in Public for Charity

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"Dude, she's having an orgasm right now."

"Excuse me, do you like your clitoris?" Of course you do. This week, the men of viral video machine Simple Pickup asked random women on the beach to try out the classic Sybian — a coveted ride-on masturbation device from the '80s — in public. For every second that a girl stayed on the Sybian, they donated $5 to the prevention of female circumcision, straight to a charity called The Orchid Project. The UN estimates that over 125 million women and girls are impacted by female circumcision globally, so the girls were getting off for a good cause. Watch as the participants struggle between being pleasured and remaining composed in front of the camera. Unsurprisingly, one woman has a really intense orgasm.

They are donating an additional $100 for every 100,000 views their Sybian stunt gets, so get watching.

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