Nobody Knows How This Economics Professor’s Lecture Got on a Porn Site

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The Division of Labor lecture isn't sexy, but it's blowing up XVideos.

Timothy "the Tool Man" Taylor is a professor of economics at Macalaster College. For some reason, one of his lectures is on porn tube site XVideos, bearing the title "Division of Labor (Hardcore Economics)." It's completely not porn. It's just a man with an aesthetically unpleasant tie and shirt combo giving an economics lecture for a half an hour. But, for reasons unbeknownst to the world, it's still on XVideos.

The Kernel has a fun guide to the video, including a comment from the Tool Man himself. My theory about the video is that economics is for nerds, and porn is for nerds, so some nerd uploaded the video because he thought some other nerds would be into it. I watched the lecture and wished I had paid better attention during intro to Macroeconomics. The comments on the video are really funny: "such a dirty talker." "When does the porn start, I'm near the end and no action yet? 🙁 " That comment is from a fellow named Poop, and what Poop learned, as you are about to learn, is that there is no action. Only econ. I've embedded the video below, because I'm dangerous and YOLO and I'm disregarding the safe zone that is your workplace.

Listen, I'm not going to sit here and and spoon-feed puns to you. You can come up with them yourself. I'll just give you the economics-term ingredients, and you can put them together.



"Supply and Demand" 





"Phiilips Curve" 

"Rational Actor"


"Opportunity Cost"


Okay, fine, here are a few puns. They're bad. You don't need to tell me. If nothing else, you got an economics refresher. You're welcome.

"I demand your curves."

"My core competency is fucking." 

"My gun makes butter"

"You demand penis, and I supply it."

"Let's divide our labor."

"Economics is hard. So is my penis." 

"How do we coordinate what goes in and what comes out?"

"Let me put my Keynes into you." 


Image via XVideos/The Kernel.