Your Favorite Childhood Characters Are Into S&M

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A little synthetic rubber never hurt anyone.

The beauty behind S&M is that while pain is inflicted and control is asserted, both parties enjoy their role in the process. Your instinct with these sculptures, by artist Richard Ankron, is to assume they are unhappy because of the masks and chains applied to them, but their expressions say otherwise.

After carefully selecting each character based on its positive nature and expression, Ankron "…cleaned, masked, dipped or poured [the figurines] several times with synthetic rubber" and zippers, cuffs, and chains were applied with dental tools to give them each a genuine S&M treatment.

These pieces were featured this year at Art Basel in Miami. Here's a note from Ankron on the series: "The contempt for effusive sentimental goods, that pander to nostalgic consumers led me to take these object and disable them. In this process, mass produced figurines become individual and surreal."

[h/t Beautiful Decay]