What It’s Like To Watch Game Of Thrones As Told By Game Of Thrones GIFs

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I'm a super intense science fiction fan. In fact, I was president of my school's science fiction club. But that doesn't mean I had an easy time getting into Game of Thrones. Ask me about Merlin lore and I've got your back (<3 u, Geoffrey of Monmouth). But distinguish Winterfell from Riverrun, I cannot. I thought George R. R. Martin was a pseudonymn for Samuel R. Delany for at least a year after the HBO series premiered, which should tell you a little something about my genre predilections. Luckily, like everyone else, once I got a couple episodes in I was hooked. In honor of the conclusion of Season 3 of Game of Thrones, here's a gif story about the emotional heat and hair-raising chills of watching our new favorite series.

At first you're confused by all the hullabaloo. It all seems a little…pretentious.

You ask yourself if this is about warring brunettes who like parroting the same lines over and over.

But then you start to catch on. You meet a few key loveable characters. Like the direwolves.

You learn what sexposition is.

You find yourself daydreaming about certain quiet moments.

And badass moments.

And really anything with Khaleesi in it.


You begin to at least consider weekly viewing parties with mandatory LARP sessions. Nothing unreasonable.

Some pretty shocking things happen early on. You know what I'm talking about.

And you really want to go Cersei on the writers' asses.

But in the end you forgive them because…


Suddenly you can't stop ranking your favorite Lannisters when you're supposed to be working. Your uninitiated friends have some words for you, but you're all like

As the season progresses, you go through life on the lookout for spoilers.

On the night of Red Wedding you hate everyone on your newsfeed.

You can only deal with the end of the season by losing yourself in a bottle

And crying A LOT.

But it's okay cause there's gonna be another season…eventually. So you do your happy dance.

And hope for the best.


The end.