Your Grandmother Just Heard ‘Drunk in Love’ and Is Very Disappointed

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"I don't like those lyrics at all."

Worldstar Hip Hop took a break from posting videos of public fights to bring us a solid gem: three old women reading the lyrics of "Drunk in Love." During lunch (which looks amazing, by the way), these three friends have a general round table concerning Kanye and Beyoncé (rhymes with séance when they say it) and whether Kanye is a basketball player or singer. One wise lady comments that he must be a baller because "Kim Kardashian likes em big, trust me." How she gained this inside information has yet to be determined. 

The trio reads through most of the song, aghast at the explicit lyrics, though they do drop four "shits," two f-bombs, and innumerable "douches." There's simply too many great moments to cite here, so just watch the video below. 

[h/t] Vibe

Image via Worldstar Hip Hop