The Pornstar Next Door: A NerveCenter Chat

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In 1995, Stacy Baker’s then-husband convinced her to pose for a nude photograph, which quickly led to a Hustler magazine cover, various roles in X-rated films and the new name Stacy Valentine. Award-winning filmmaker Christine Fugate (Fighting for Our Lives) spent two years documenting Stacy’s rise to fame in the adult film industry (The Girl Next Door, just out in select theaters across the country). Fugate and Valentine stopped by NerveCenter recently to talk about porn stars, plastic surgery and money shots.

viress: I would love to hear about your background, Stacy.

stacy_valentine: Let’s see, I was a housewife in Oklahoma. My husband thought it would be a turn-on for me to pose nude or do adult movies — he thought it would help our sex life. Actually, it was helping his sex life because he wanted a threesome with other women. There aren’t a lot of lesbians in Oklahoma, so he suggested magazines and videos.

viress: Do you mean to say that you could not find willing participants for your threesomes, Stacy?

stacy_valentine: Viress, I wasn’t going to take out an ad in the paper. Lesbians just aren’t that common out there — at least, it’s not easy to find them.

sweetnvicious: Maybe those lesbians are hiding in the cornfields . . .

stacy_valentine: Absolutely, they’re hiding in the cornfields! I wish I had jumped in . . . without my husband!

darkhotel: Did your husband pick up on your interest in being with a woman and try to turn it into an on-screen thing?

stacy_valentine: Darkhotel, no, no. It was totally his idea. Women, magazines, adult movies, everything. He introduced me to it; there was no actual force, no gun to my head.

esme: How did your husband react to your newfound stardom?

stacy_valentine: Esme, I have no idea. I haven’t spoken to him since we divorced four years ago.

christine_fugate: That was around the time when I met Stacy through her manager. I had wanted to do a documentary about the adult business from a woman’s point of view for quite some time. When I met Stacy, I knew she was the one I wanted to be my looking glass into the world of pornography.

stacy_valentine: Christine became such a good friend that when she came over, she would set up the camera and then ask me, “So, what’s been going on?” and we would start to gossip like two girlfriends. And the rest is the documentary.

christine_fugate: Stacy and I immediately connected. I knew that audiences would also be able to access her personality and understand why she had made the decisions she had.

j_love: Are you two close still?

stacy_valentine: Yes, we are close. We speak on the phone every day. I still can’t stop telling her every single detail of my life!

van_damage: Stacy, do you prefer women to men as far as sex?

stacy_valentine: Van, that’s a hard question to answer. It’s like comparing a book to a purse. They’re two totally separate things. I love men because they’re masculine and they make me feel safe. But there’s nothing more erotic, soft and sensual than the touch of a woman. I totally understand why men are obsessed with women. They smell good, they feel good, they’re like a flower!

j_love: So Stacy, is your definition of what’s sexy dictated by standard male fantasies?

stacy_valentine: Mine aren’t, no. However, I love breasts and sometimes I feel like I think more like a man than a woman. Sometimes.

tugger: Stacy, did you ever meet Ron Jeremy?

stacy_valentine: Ron Jeremy is a very good friend of mine. I love him dearly, but I’ve never worked with him. He has B.O.!

ross: Why do people like working with Ron Jeremy?

stacy_valentine: He’s a legend, Ross. I don’t know what it is, but he’s a legend.

esme: He looks like a troll.

stacy_valentine: At his autograph sessions, the lines are longer than those for any female! Men relate to him. They think, if THAT guy can have sex with all those beautiful women, so can I. It gives them hope.

That’s exactly what Ron says.

ross: I like watching Peter North do his thing, because he’s completely average. It’s easy to become him in that situation. But sometimes he gets a bit mechanical, like a pile driver. Are there times when you gotta tell a guy like that to take it easy?

stacy_valentine: Completely average?! Not his dick! If you think his dick is average, I don’t want you to get anywhere near me! And yes, there are times when you have to tell a guy to take it easy. A hard banging doesn’t always feel that great.

viress: Stacy, do you feel that porn objectifies women? Do you feel that you are bettering women’s lives in any way by doing porn?

stacy_valentine: Viress, we already are objects of men’s fantasies, and I’m capitalizing on their fantasy. There’s no easy way to answer the second part of your question. My opinion of adult movies is — and I know this sounds hard to believe — they can help a couple’s sex life. People can learn tips (I perfected my blowjobs watching Amber Lynn) and, if you want something kinky, you can watch a movie, as opposed to bringing a third person in. I so recommend that you not participate in a three-way if you want your relationship to last — just my opinion!

j_love: Stacy, do you consider yourself a feminist?

stacy_valentine: I really don’t consider myself a feminist.

vieve: There must be a lot of pressure to bring feminism into the mix, when perhaps this isn’t a feminist medium.

esme: Stacy, why don’t you consider yourself a feminist?

stacy_valentine: Esme, what is your definition of a feminist? When I think of feminism, I think of Gloria Steinem.

esme: Gloria Steinem was once a Playboy bunny.

christine_fugate: I believe in the feminism of choice. According to my feminism, Stacy is a feminist. She doesn’t have a rhetoric to discuss feminist theory, but one of the main reasons she got into the adult business was economic independence, which is a strong principle of feminism.

kcooperblue: Stacy, do women treat you differently after discovering what you do?

stacy_valentine: Kcooper, I really don’t interact with a lot of women. However, where I get my nails and hair and tanning done, they’re all cool with it. I’ve never had anyone be rude to me — knock on wood — about what I do.

christine_fugate: Women treat Stacy differently before they find out what she does. Her beauty and body seem to intimidate some women.

kcooperblue: Why is that, Christine?

christine_fugate: She’s a beautiful blond bombshell, many men’s fantasies. That’s intimidating to women who do not feel secure with themselves and their own beauty and sexual power.

j_love: Stacy, have you ever felt shame for your work? Regret?

stacy_valentine: J_love, no shame and absolutely no regret! I think everyone should have pride in what they do, no matter what it is. Even if you’re a garbage collector, everyone should take pride and try to be the best at what they’re doing at all times — and I do a great job!

lolife: Stacy, where is your red line? When do you reach your limit?

stacy_valentine: Lolife, it depends on what I’m doing. I wouldn’t let anyone poop in my mouth!

esme: God bless you!

bopper1: How do you feel about porn stars doing gangbangs: 300 men?

stacy_valentine: Bopper, for myself, no fucking way.

esme: Regarding the gang bangs, do you think it’s becoming competitive among female porn stars?

stacy_valentine: Esme, no, I don’t feel competition with people who do gangbangs. Those girls are grasping for straws. They’ll do anything — and I mean anything — for attention. I’m pretty enough, I don’t have to do that.

philly: Is it hard to maintain relationships when working in the industry?

stacy_valentine: Philly, absolutely, I’m very single.

alexamundo: Have you ever fallen in love with another porn star?

christine_fugate: In the documentary, Stacy falls in love with a male porn star, Julian.

stacy_valentine: Julian and I are no longer together. He is now engaged to another porn star. I wish them lots of luck — they’ll need it.

sweetnvicious: Do you ever date anyone outside of the industry?

stacy_valentine: Sweetnvicious, I tried it a couple of times. It just didn’t work. I’ll give an example: most guys, in the beginning, say they’re cool with it, that it turns them on, that it doesn’t bother them. But after a couple of months of me giving him a kiss goodbye and saying, “See ya honey, I’m going to work to have sex with another guy with a really big dick,” the guy usually says, “You know what, I’d really like for you to get out of the business.” It’s okay at first, but once reality sets in, it’s not okay.

kcooperblue: Stacy, in a world where you and everyone else is beautiful and sometimes surgically enhanced as a career investment, do you ever feel insecure about your body?

stacy_valentine: Kcooper, absolutely. Everyone feels insecure about their body, but I’m trying to be comfortable and find a happy place.

vieve: When will you retire from porn?

stacy_valentine: Vieve, I did my last adult movie, Red Vibe Diaries #3, at the end of February. I’m retired now.

van_damage: What are you involved in now?

stacy_valentine: I started a clothing line — two lines, actually. One is called Good Girl Clothing; it’s casual wear. The other is called Bad Girl Clothing: clubbing and party wear.

ross: Which do you wear more, the Good or the Bad Girl Clothing?

stacy_valentine: Ross, Good Girl! Sorry to disappoint you!

viress: If a child of yours were to tell you they were interested in following the same path, would you support them?

stacy_valentine: Viress, I would advise them to seek another avenue. But, if they were over the age of eighteen, their decision is their decision and I would love them anyway. Still, I would not recommend anyone getting into the business.

viress: But if you are so satisfied with your work, why would you not encourage them?

stacy_valentine: Viress, my career worked for me at that point in my life. However, after being in it for four years, I see things that I didn’t see in the beginning. It’s very political, and it does make you jaded. It’s made it hard for me to have a relationship with someone, which is definitely one of my reasons for quitting.

doozy: Porn, political?

stacy_valentine: Doozy, every business is political. For example, I felt like I deserved awards that I didn’t get.

tugger: Christine, what are your future plans? Have you ever thought of doing a porn movie, or are you strictly into documentaries?

christine_fugate: I was offered porn movies to direct, but I just couldn’t do it after making the documentary. I can’t even watch porn. It has been desexualized for me. I’m working on a series of short films for the Internet now.

usawales: Stacy, do you watch your own movies?

stacy_valentine: Usawales, absolutely not, I’m too critical. Just think about watching yourself moving around naked!

esme: Stacy, I read that the film shows a couple of your plastic surgeries. Was it upsetting to see the surgeries on screen?

stacy_valentine: Esme, yes, it does show two surgeries. I hope that if women see this — how brutal plastic surgery really is — maybe they’ll think twice about it.

esme: What did you have done, if you don’t mind me asking?

stacy_valentine: I had my breasts enlarged to a C cup, then enlarged again to EE, then reduced to a DD. As far as lipo, I had my stomach, hips and butt done.

esme: Do you feel like you were pressured to do that to your body?

stacy_valentine: I think society in general — not the porn industry — made me feel that way. Look at any Vogue magazine or runway or Ally McBeal: they’re walking hangers! That sends an unrealistic message to women.

christine_fugate: Amen!

esme: But I feel like the porn industry desires EEs, not general society.

stacy_valentine: I agree with you that porn is the reason for big boobs.

vulpinegrrrl: You get that heroin addict look everywhere these days though, I don’t see the attraction. More power to women presenting the female form curvaceously!

stacy_valentine: I agree, Vulpinegrrl! Real women have hips!

derek67: Hips and tits, that’s my mantra.

rutledge: Easy, vulpine and Stacy, real women come in all different sizes, and that’s the great part.

vulpinegrrrl: Yes, rutledge, but the women who succumb to the marketed belief that to be beautiful you have to be a tall waifish toothpick is what I center my disappointment with society’s weight/appearance issues on.

rutledge: There are so many wrong, limiting messages, and it seems like porn’s message can be just as limiting.

ross: Stacy, can you characterize an award-winning performance?

stacy_valentine: Ross, an award-winning performance? Check out any of my videos!

ross: I’m wondering how much disrespect the male porn stars (“hired guns”) get these days from the women inside the industry.

derek67: Imagine the performance anxiety: Get a hard on now! Shoot now!

stacy_valentine: That’s why I have a lot of respect for the men in our industry. It’s not an easy job. You have to be very secure about your masculinity. You have a crew of about fifteen people on set that are men, and you have a cameraman about six inches from your asshole, filming. When they’re ready for the popshot, you better deliver. Everyone’s waiting on you.

derek67: Geeze, it takes a lot for me to come in private, I can’t imagine on a set.

kcooperblue: I will say one thing: men seem to finally know where the clit is, thanks to porn!!!

stacy_valentine: Kcooper, amen!

bopper1: Were you abused when you were young?

stacy_valentine: No, I was not abused when I was young. Sorry to disappoint the stereotype.

rutledge: It’s important for one’s work to be a choice, rather than a response to trauma.

j_love: Stacy, do you consider getting paid to have sex on film a form of prostitution?

stacy_valentine: Yes, I do consider it a form of prostitution — legal prostitution! I pay taxes — I pay a lot of taxes on it.

christine_fugate: Support the First Amendment and ask your local theater to show The Girl Next Door! We have already been banned from Oklahoma and Kentucky.

polar180: Yeah, but they banned evolution, too.

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