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The hipster Pope is totally into you having more sex (as long as you’re straight and married). Last week the head of the Catholic church released a document on family life. It covered all sorts of things like whether divorced people can take communion (yes, that was still up in the air). But it also covered sex:

“In the document, called Amoris Laetitia, Francis frankly addressed sex as a practice married couples work at over a lifetime. His approach to sex and contraception is notable for its affirmation of sexual passion, its realism about what can go wrong in marital relationships and its focus on growing in intimacy. All three are unusual in official Catholic teaching.”

He even went as far as quoting the Song of Solomon, the sexiest of all the books of the bible: “My soul clings to you.”

He also recognizes that there are some tough parts to being married: “We also know that, within marriage itself, sex can become a source of suffering and manipulation.”

Thanks, Pope…?

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But some were looking for the pontiff to go a bit further. Some recent comments looked promising that the pope would loosen strict ideas about gay marriage and contraception.

No such luck.

h/t Washington Post