Long Island Moms Enraged Over Sex Party in Children’s Playground

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Long Island mothers are all sorts of verklempt, and this time it's not just over your Algebra grade. Krazy Kidz, a sort of poor man's Discovery Zone (may they rest in peace), was an apparent hot spot for children's get-together in Medford, Long Island. That is, until they allowed the facility to be used as a "den of iniquity," according to the NY Daily News. According to their report, and apparently everyone who has ever been near a child in Medford, Krazy Kidz rented out their facility for an after-hours adult pajama party. 

In order to supplement their income, Krazy Kidz admits that they do rent out the facility to outside groups, although none of their staff participated in what the NYDN is calling "debauchery." While the flyer, quoted in this video report, promised there would be no orgy or smut (le sigh), plenty of "tasteful nudity" was advertised. Even so, Medford parents (read: mothers) were having none of that. 

Public outcry on the Krazy Kidz Facebook page has reached an ALL CAPS high, with many taking a strong stance against parties? I'm pretty sure it's parties. Basically, people were nude and semi-nude where their kids might be at some point, and they're upset.

After the satanic fiesta, Krazy Kidz management closed the facility for "cleaning" and "sanitizing," but I'm worried that won't be enough. Medford's kids (whether they be Krazy or not) are still in danger of coming into contact with places where people may have been naked at some point. With that in mind, I offer the following list to the Mothers of Medford:

Places You Should Never Let Your Children Go Ever:

  • Any public bathroom, even the nice one at Denny's
  • Church. They baptize babies there, and those babies are naked
  • Camp
  • Swim Camp
  • Your sister Sheila's pool, cause you know what her and Uncle Ronnie do for their anniversary
  • Krazy Kidz of Medford, Long Island

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