Will This Ice Cream Turn You On?

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Yummy Yorkshire and Puckett's Pickles present an aphrodisiac treat just in time for Valentine's Day

As a lactose-intolerant American woman, the words "sexual" and "dairy" rarely go together in my mind. (The one exception being when I cut jalapeños directly before hooking up with someone and felt like my entire body was on fire, and ended with him frantically pouring a gallon jug of milk over us in the bathtub, which was actually quite lovely.) British ice-cream producer, Yummy Yorkshire is out to prove that dairy can indeed be sexy. The company recently joined forces with food producer Puckett’s Pickles to create carrot cardamom flavored ice-cream, a treat which they say is "pumped full of aphrodisiac ingredients" to increase sexual desire.

Here's the thing: aphrodisiacs are the gastronomic equivalent of astrology. Are they real? Maybe. But I can promise you that I'm never gonna throw back a bunch of pumpkin seeds and wheat germ and ten minutes later try to single-team myself. The fact that maybe one British couple banged after enjoying this creamy treat does not an aphrodisiac make.

But what about the cardamom, you ask? "If you take into consideration the additional health benefits of cardamom in treating things like respiratory allergies, digestive problems and even depression, it surely makes it one of Yummy Yorkshire’s most medicinal flavours ever," says Sarah Puckett, of Puckett's Pickles.

Sarah, I admire your passion for pickles and your penchant for alliteration, but saying that you'll receive the "health benefits" of the cardamom via ice-cream is the equivalent of me eating a fried chicken salad and walking up the subway steps once and saying that I'm on track to living a healthy lifestyle.

Let's just call ice-cream what it is: delicious. The sex part is up to you.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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