Introducing the World’s First ‘Eco Condoms’

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Think of the polar bears.



From the same community that brought you wooden dildos and organic lube comes Sustain, the first Fair Trade-certified, organically sourced, vegan, nontoxic, non-animal-tested and GMO-free condom. Created by Jeffrey Hollender, co-founder of eco-friendly company Seventh Generation, and his 26-year-old daughter, Meika, this product finally alleviates the concerns for those of you who've felt your fucking is unnecessarily increasing our carbon footprint. 

Although the idea seems like something straight out of Portlandia, Hollender has good intentions. "We want to change the experience of being embarrassed when women buy condoms to something they feel proud about,” he told Vermont newspaper Seven Days. “You go into a store and buy organic food, and you feel great that you’re taking good care of yourself. It’s terrible that young women, and men, feel embarrassed about doing something that is critical to their health." Of course there shouldn't be a stigma about buying sexual health products, however if a 10-pack of these babies starts selling for $15 at Whole Foods, we're gonna have some problems. 

So if you "Millennials" are looking for a hypo-allergenic, "secure fit" rubber, they'll be out this spring. And why not get a wooden anal Habu while you're at it? Live a little. 

Image via Veer