How To Avoid Dying During Sex

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Remember, "la petite mort" is just a euphemism.

A lot of wonderful things can come as a result of sex: reduced anxiety, a boosted immune system, the creation of Idris Elba. But according to The Coital Coronary over 11,000 people die during sex each year.

In Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science & Sex, a German research team sampled 21,000 autopsy reports and found 39 cases of sudden death from a heart attack during sex. "Except there was a hitch. In the majority of those cases, the, ah, subject, was having sex with a prostitute. Either sex with a prostitute is especially taxing to the heart, or something else is going on", writes Esther Inglis-Arkell for i09.

Inglis-Arkell notes, "What's probably happening, in the end, is the lack of any reason to do an autopsy on someone who died at home in bed with their partner. There are probably three times as many deaths from sex with a partner as there are from sex with a prostitute." 

So, to avoid dying during sex (or life for that matter) just keep a bare minimum degree of physical fitness and your prostitute escapades to a bi-monthly basis and you'll be right as rain!  

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