Meet The Dreamboys, The Best British Male Stripper Troupe You’ve Never Heard Of

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Magic Mike is real. And he's British.  

The UK’s Dreamboys are a male stripper troupe who bill themselves as “The Ultimate Girls Night Out,” but we prefer to call them Actual Magic Mike. The Dreamboys perform in 11 cities across the UK and have attained minor celebrity status there, appearing in the Daily Mail to discuss how they navigate relationships when they spend their Saturday nights stripping to audiences of screaming bachelorette parties. The performances are marketed to women only and don’t allow under-18s, but the plethora of photos of the Dreamboys’ six-packs and sultry stares available online mean you don’t have to book a flight to appreciate these gentlemen. Now, the real question is if they will dance to Ginuwine’s “Pony.”


All images via Dreamboys Facebook.