Nerve Joins the HowAboutWe Family

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Nerve Joins the HowAboutWe Family

What This Means & Where We’re Headed

By: Aaron Schildkrout & Brian Schechter, HowAboutWe co-founders & co-CEOs

Today, we are delighted to announce the launch of HowAboutWe Media — a set of independent online publications devoted to all things love. This includes the relaunch of our newly-acquired sex and culture site, Nerve.com, a redesign of TheDateReport.com, our original editorial site, and two entirely new sites, Swimmingly.com and Famously.com, which will cover couples and celebrity relationships, respectively.

Since 1997, Nerve has been the premier online destination for people who like their sex content with brains and personality. Under our ownership, Nerve will continue to provide a refreshing alternative to the mainstream with brave, inclusive, sex-positive stories that never leave the good stuff out. 

The Date Report will continue to describe the unique opportunities and challenges facing singles in the modern age. Readers can expect thoughtful advice, unapologetic opinion, and a refreshing freedom from scaremongering and single-shaming.

Swimmingly focuses solely on people in relationships and the complexities, hilarities, and hardships they experience. Readers will find everything from essays on the challenges (and joys) of cohabitation to ridiculous engagement photoshoots and studies on the scientific benefits of staying together. We’ll never sugarcoat the tough stuff, but we won’t constantly ring the “signs your partner is cheating” alarm either.

Famously delves into celebrity romance without the guilty aftertaste left by many tabloid websites. Along with speculations on who’s dating whom and the intricacies of power couple dynamics, Famously will also provide a deep look into what love looks like when the world is watching – and what watching says about us.  

HowAboutWe Media is being led by an incredible team of whip-smart and passionate editors and writers. Michelle Dozois, our first employee, will lead our efforts as Editorial Director with Editor-in-Chief Brian Moylan, a veteran of Gawker and VICE, by her side. 

From Nerve, we’re thrilled to have co-founder Rufus Griscom and CEO Sean Mills on HowAboutWe’s board of advisors. With key contributors Lux Alptraum and Kate Hakala joining our editorial team, we’ll continue to champion Nerve’s original mission and grow its thought-provoking, community-driven conversations with readers across the country.

Our original dating site, HowAboutWe Dating, was launched in 2010 as a human-centric alternative to the outdated and, frankly, kind of embarrassing sites that ruled the industry. In 2013 we took this a step further with HowAboutWe for Couples, becoming the first dating site to think beyond first dates by offering curated, out-of-the-box date nights for people in relationships, ensuring their relationships stay as vibrant on date 500 as they were on date one.  

HowAboutWe Media is an extension of this vision, reflecting and celebrating the basic values we believe underlie the pursuit of love: openness, creativity, authenticity, play, discovery and choice. We’re incredibly excited for the journey and can’t wait to share it with you.


Aaron Schildkrout & Brian Schechter
co-founders & co-CEOs

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