Trojan Debuts Playful SFW Ad Campaign

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From "Trojan Man" to "Trojan Family"

Trojan is rolling out a refreshing new ad campaign with the help of ad agency Colangelo. A far cry from their former "Trojan Man" theme, the family-oriented commercials are going to be shown earlier in the evening and hopefully promote a comfortable dialogue about safe sex.  

We're into it, even if it might make The Big Bang Theory incredibly awkward in some households.

Below are three new commercials for your viewing pleasure:

This foine-ass silver fox is getting ready to meet up with his "good friend" Sheila when his son ever-so-discreetly slips him a BareSkin condom with the line "have a good time and don't be out too late." Ya did good kid, ya did good. As STDs are on the rise in the baby boomer generation, a condom couldn't hurt. 

At first I was like "Is the dad dead?" and then I was like "Oh na. He's just a freak in the sheets." 

This is a sweet idea in theory, but you can bet in real life that dude would not be quite as pleased if his girlfriend woke him up at 4 am before work, no matter how silky that lube is. 

[h/t Ad Week]

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