NYC Standing Up Against Sex Trafficking During Super Bowl XLVIII

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Illegal sex trafficking's day just got a little worse. 

Sex is great. Sex work may occupy a gray area, but sex trafficking does not.

Every year, human beings are brought in to major sporting events to be sold. A grim backdrop to what are almost exclusively looked upon as celebratory occasions, this year, the New York City Police Department is doing what it can to squash the crime before it happens. 

In the days leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII, a gigantic event complete with a 13-block Super Bowl Boulevard, the NYPD has already made almost 200 arrests for crimes related to sex trafficking. According to CNN, the NYPD has "converged on certain parts of the city," performing arrests on the street-level and through sting operations. 

Along with the NYPD's increased efforts, the FBI has also pledged additional resources in order to curtail the sex trafficking, a known problem with both organizations. In addition, The End It Movement has continued to fight against slavery. Although this past Monday, January 27th was their official 'Shine a Light on Slavery Day,' End It has previously brought attention to sex trafficking at sporting events. You can watch their video concerning the topic here

Image via Flickr.