Stupid App of the Day: Matching People Using Only Their Voice

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Sit, back, relax and enjoy the dulcet tones of your next hookup. 

The scene: you've been talking to some internet hottie for a while and you finally decide to meet up for drinks. They walk in and your eyes light up, they're even more attractive in person (and they were already pretty damn attractive.) Then they open their mouth and it's the aural equivalent of Chernobyl. The date is over before it's begun. Finally there's a way to avoid these situations. Revealr, a voice-based app created by London-based team Paul Laight and Guy Harrington, helps you find a match through only the lulling tones of their voice.

To get started, you sign up through Facebook, create a profile using your name, location, age and then record a 20-second audio clip and upload a photo of yourself which will then be pixelated. You can then browse through profiles listening to users' clips and if you and a match 'like' each other, your respective pictures will be (clearly) revealed and you can chat to your heart's content. Perfect for those embarrassed to be on a dating site — or in witness protection.

And remember, just because the looks don't match the voice, doesn't mean it can't be a match. Here are a few of our favorite celebrities whose voices enhance their sexiness tenfold:

H Jon Benjamin 

He's joked that Archer fans are disappointed when they see the voice actor in person, but personally we think he's foine as hell. 

Ed Sheeran

This British rocker isn't your typical heartthrob, but his music will make you a convert. 


This man has the sexiest singing voice of all time. Listen to Trouble's What You're In and you'll understand.

Images via iTunesYouTube, Gage Skidmore, Eva Rinaldi.

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