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Caitlyn Jenner looks fucking good. Also it’s Caitlyn, with a fucking C, a true cunt move that deserves a round of applause. And she announced her badass self on the day Kim announced baby number two, which no one gave two shits about. Again, total cunt mastery. Some will call Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair moment a cynical, celebrity stunt. Other’s, more wisely if you ask me, will mark the day as revolutionary, ground-shifting. Say what they will, Caitlyn has arrived, bless of all.

One response though that I can’t stomach: cis women’s fawning-over Caitlyn’s “ better boobs” or “nicer body.” These “compliments” reek of thinly masked incredulity that borders on transphobia. That a cis woman is “shocked” that a trans women passes just as well, or better, than she does sounds less like flattery and more like skepticism.  As actress and model Hari Nef also sided, I too wish we spent less of our rah-rah energy applauding how well a trans women passes. It’s no surprise that Miss Jenner paid for the assistance and services of plastic surgery’s best to become her truest self. As she fucking should. But, there’s many transwomen who can’t—who never will—receive that access or capability. When will we praise trans women on their own terms?

Fuck That Noise indulges skepticism. It doesn’t buy into your bullshit, but it doesn’t write it off either. Instead it’s leaves you with more questions than answers.