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I haven’t consistently shaved my armpits for about five years. Around that time I must have read some feminist theory (this was college) that made me think twice about shelling an average of $5 bucks a week to further irritate the ingrown hairs in my poor arm pits. Eventually, I just got lazy. And I discovered that I had, actually, some really nice arm pit hair. Thick. And fun to play with. Of course, I am not alone in such a discovery. In fact, such sentiments now apparently constitute a whole trend, with Girls Jemima Kirke and Lena Dunham as the cover models for the hairy pit summer fashion forecast. I cannot roll my eyes any harder. I am not sure what bothers me more: growing out your armpit hair as a political cause (thought hat tip to these Chinese activists who are giving away female urination devices for the best hairy pits) or growing out your arm pit hair as a trend. The decision to shave or not isn’t a salient political action or a trendy move—it’s just your armpits. Do as you wish. When will women’s bodies cease to be sites of protest or profit? When will they just be bodies, just hairy bodies?