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It’s been less than a week since the Supreme Court ruling legalizing marriage between any two persons, the world, or rather the market, seems to have discovered technicolor. Even Uber’s cars are emitting rainbow-themed CO2 from their little GPS locators. My newsfeed too has turned into a multi-colored deluge of smiling—gay?— faces. Solidarity or social experiment? Hard to say. Since I’ve turned my head on just what questions to ask. In the words of a friend’s status update, “Do I want everyone to make their dreams come true, even if they’re not my dreams? Yes, I do.” I am not one to celebrate marriage. I don’t really believe in property relations. But I understand the symbolic significance of this recognition and I applaud those who have fought for this win. It’s been a long fight. Yet, it bothers me how progress ends up looking more an more like co-option. How simple it is to sell anything. I don’t want to forget those fighting for humans who’ve yet to be recognized by the law. For those who don’t even have the right to claims the rights granted by marriage. For those who remain imprisoned, detained, denied. What does this victory mean for them?