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Nov 08 01 - 2:22pm

are all we really concerned about is goddamn tits and dinner? the only character here is a two-dimensional guest star on Sex and The City. well written, but jesus.
"...its all about the effect this bitch that is his wife is having on his dick..." when the hell is it not, dammit!? no, please do not fuel this tyrannical fire. those of us who actually may give a damn about the other two, do not only think 'what the fuck is your problem' during the first trimester, and would regard our wife as something other than a gaussian sex-tube probably have issues with this. even if we are in, pardon the expression, the 'silent' majority.

Aug 27 11 - 10:31am

I would love to fuck you. love knocked up women and love eating them....
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Nov 08 01 - 3:45pm

seconded. that was not pretty. depressing. not even the kind of sexualist fucking you can get off on. just depressing.

Nov 08 01 - 4:15pm

I thought it was depressing in a good way. Dark and definitely fucked up, but interesting. I liked reading something so raw about something that's usually portrayed as sweet.

Nov 08 01 - 4:18pm

Dude, it was fiction and written by a woman..I think if a man would have written it,it would have never been in Nerve.

Nov 08 01 - 6:34pm

oh yeah!!!first story that got me up on the 'net...

Nov 09 01 - 4:29am

I assumed, when the mother-to-be downed another glass of wine, that the writer was an ignorant prick, and I was right! Even Penthouse Forum wouldn't accept this kind of lame-ass bullshit. Get your frat-boy ass outa here.

Nov 09 01 - 9:24am

Wel that was one of the most delicious, beautifully written pieces of erotica I've ever read! Positively liviv and engorged! I woauld've eaten her and juicing with the sweetest essense of womanhood, as she was. Thanks! He's a lucky man!

Nov 09 01 - 9:29am

...and "dark...depressing...lame-ass"???!!! READERS are fucked up! Feel the LIFE for Christsakes!

Nov 09 01 - 11:03am

darlings, i've done, i've been her and it is as delicious as this story. marvelous. particulary good to read this and imagine you not-yet-pregnant lovers reading this. utterly accurate. except that i was not unhappy in first trimester, nope, i glowed like a polished apple. so perfectly publicly fucked and knocked up was i!! the ripest sensation.

Nov 09 01 - 6:32pm

This is one of the most erotic pieces I have ever read. I am so tuned into the mind sex of "I married her because she wants me to come on her face." It's not her young face, her beautiful face, it's just that powerful sexuality which is not influenced by our latest concept of beauty. I love the freedom of fucking my wife when she was pregnant. She loved anal sex in the later months perhaps because of the fear of contact with the child at that late stage.

My complements to the author. Beautifully and powerfully written.

Nov 09 01 - 9:58pm

still trying to work out exactly what it was about this story that pissed me the fuck off. and depressing too. yeah, depressing.

Nov 10 01 - 3:43pm

The fact that this story is written by a woman doesn't diminish the fact that the husband character, "Dick" is sexist and demeaning to the wife, "Sonia", but does complicate it some. The interesting aspect of the story was the raw and gritty realism of feelings a husband and wife may have for each other, especially during pregnancy. Sexy for a time, the story lost appeal when the wife become so clearly a passive object. While some men and women get off on sexist and demeaning male sexuality, this reader does not. This story had promise, but the characters dwindled into one-dimensionality quickly, and the quality of language was nothing special. Nerve can publish better.

Nov 12 01 - 1:49am

Call it sexist, call it fucked up, call it what you like. I call it incredibly erotic. For crying out loud- even in fiction this couple has two children with one more on the way and they're still married and dig each other. How many people today can say that? Well done!

Nov 11 01 - 5:53pm

oh please, if only the fucking men had babies....

Nov 12 01 - 2:51am

you know, i'm an incest survivor, and it's been a long, sometimes backbreaking road to the woman i get to be today. i feel blessed reading this story. sex is all my own, finally, for the first time in my life, and i do so hope that there are a few readers out there who know the deeply sweet victory i'm enjoying. in the end, what i discovered was that there was nothing wrong with me, that the whole fucked up system that produced so much pain and uncertainty in my family and resulted in my being molested and fucked up for so long simply was not--is not-- my fault. a lover came into my life not too long ago, a divinely sent lover. he fucks me hard, he fucks me slow, he eats my pussy till i come so hard i think i'm going to die and then he licks and kisses me while i come back. he pulls my hair and puts his hand on my throat, and lets me ride him and push his head back and shove my tounge down his throat. he wants to fuck me in the ass, and, if i ever feel ready, it'll be him, and when he does it, he's more than welcome to spin any dream he wants to in his head [and i'd like to hear it, for that matter]. fucking is not about rules, apart from those we set ourselves, in our own beds, damnit. 'fucking his wife...' is hot, honest fucking and relating. life is not perfect, but thank god every once in a while a miracle comes along: three months of hot sex with your partner in the context of getting to be parents and pregnant. or at least someone writes a really great short story. either way, reason for celebration.

Nov 12 01 - 9:49pm

Great story. Powerful writing. You could see every scene as well as feel the rhythm of the prose.

Nov 13 01 - 2:13pm

I hope my wife will be that hot when she's pregnant after 2 kids.

Nov 13 01 - 11:15pm

This story freaked me the hell out. If that's what my husband is really thinking when I'm in the first trimester of pregnancy I never want to be married. And what is up with coming on women's faces? Is that marking territory or what?

Nov 16 01 - 4:18pm

other than the rhythm, this has got nothing. the diction and syntax are mediocre at best, the characters so one dimentional it makes me want to scream for what it is lacking.

the mentallity makes me sad, makes me sick, makes me aware that the point of a real relationship is lost on the writer. female or male, regardless.

less shock value attempts, more realism in emotion.

Nov 20 01 - 12:59pm

fuk him with me

Nov 20 01 - 11:21pm

dear penthouse. you'll never believe this, but every word i'm about to write is completely true.

Nov 24 01 - 10:10pm

I have mixed fealings about this story in one sense I love that a man could want his wife even though shes pregnant but in the other sense I hate that it took him 3 months of what he describes as hell to to love her like this.

Nov 26 01 - 4:03pm

i've had three children with my wife. You nailed it. You nailed the desire, the strange bodies, the repulsion, the freedom of cumming into a pregnant woman. My wife never fantasized herself a porn star though!


Dec 02 01 - 1:50pm

This may be unorthodox, but I am writing commentary on both the essay, "Sick Sex" and this story, because they are intrinsically related in my mind. This story has gotten a lot of positive feedback from men and women, but I particularly notice the feedback from men. This story is supposedly the view of the average american male with 2.5 kids and a housewife. These are the Waltons, the Cleavers. This is the 'wholesome' story about reproduction and procreation and good old straight sex. "Sick Sex" is written from a single welfare mom's point of view, telling the story of her foray into experimentation with sadism and how much it helped her through the experience of taking care of her dying mother and ailing baby. Frankly, I'm really amazed by the vehemence of some of the negative comments about this article. What, exactly, is the problem with a woman going out to seek sexual release exactly the way she chooses? And why would the presence of a child in the story offend everyone so much? The child has no exposure and no contact with the carpenter, and as far as anyone can tell, Mom is much better off (more sexually satisfied and less stressed) for seeing him occasionally. I was far, FAR more upset about the perspective of the story "Fucking his wife, four months pregnant" - about the repulsion the husband described feeling for his wife, and the way he avoided listening or talking to her - in the first months of her pregnancy - when she was stressed, and sick, and scared - exactly when she needed his support the most! Instead, he only found her fascinating and desirable once her tits got big - ie, primarily he was interested in what she could give him; children, food, tits, a safe cunt to come in, a pretty face to come on, than in her as a human being. "He could eat her pussy, but he didn't really want to. Tonight was about his dick, the effect this bitch that was his wife was having on his dick." And these two were supposed to be married for something like 14 years, and THIS is what this devoted husband is really thinking about his wife? THAT is sick. So that's strong, but it's my opinion. I am REALLY interested in hearing perspectives from others - anyone who loved one story and hated the other, or had very strong feelings about either of these stories in any way.

Dec 23 01 - 1:23pm

i am in my 6th month and the sex is great...NOW. and you did hit it right on the head because for the first 3 months sex was the last thing on my mind. Now we cant get enough of each other and you can bet i will be reading this to my sweetie that breathy fuck me now voice. I gotta go!!!!!

Jan 18 02 - 2:21pm

I thoroughly enjoyed this peice. A man making love to his pregnant wife in the non-traditional "let's be kind and correct because she is pregant."
I loved the fact that the author did not equivocate regarding a woman's nonp-pregnant body vs. her body in the fourth month.
I could go on, but I am new and don't want to say too much too soon.

Feb 02 02 - 4:58pm

Bad, bad, good. Bad: a pregnant woman should not be drinking. Bad: As a woman, I would not appreciate my life's partner withdrawing from me during the time I needed them most, and why is he acting like he owns her? I hope he can play other bedroom games. Good: The sex is oh so well described I can read this with just one hand on the mouse, the other on my pussy.

Feb 08 02 - 7:00am

The story is very erotic to say the least, however shouldn't Dick be having this same passion and erotic lust for his wife when she's not pregnant? I'll admit it titsare great but its not the be all and end all, surely?

Mar 01 02 - 5:34pm

This sexist, emotionally infantile, misogynist deserves neither wife nor kids. I suppose he hated his kids when they were crying & soiling their nappies & only became interested in them when they could play little league. The wife deserves some criticism too, for drinking & for continuing to reproduce w/some pig who cums on her face. Yeah, he'll make a great father, pass those genes on! I can't believe women put up w/men who are so unsupportive & shallow. This man, this story, are truly sick & sad.

Mar 12 02 - 9:41pm

This is the most incredible writing I have stepped into in a long while. Quite the picture. A soul dream confirmation.

More, please.

Apr 26 02 - 10:54pm

What is with this guy, coming on her face? Sounds like he's been watching too many of the new genre of "play with my big plastic tits and then come on my face!" movies when he should have been paying more attention to her during the first trimester. This really doesn't sound like a woman's writing.

May 27 02 - 8:46pm

Spot on . Very accurate .

Aug 22 02 - 4:35am

I rather wait until those breasts are full of sweet milk for me to suck. Sucking them dry, that's one of life's great pleasure's , than having her suck me dry is another. First kissing her mouth and than fucking it, feeling her tongue on and around your cockhead, shooting jet after jet of your cum into her sucking mouth -- nothing in the world beats that feeling. This is why she is your wife, because she loves you.
EJT 08/21/02

Aug 22 02 - 10:07pm

I have mixed views about this story. The details surrounding the sex were excellent. I actually got a mental picture. I truly enjoyed it, that is until he came on her FACE. That's just plain sick! The husband's feelings for his wife are messed up. He is supposed to be her husband, therefore he should always want her...pregnant or not. It's hard to believe a woman wrote this!

Oct 04 02 - 5:09pm

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Oct 12 02 - 4:30pm

i loved it. all i can say. loved it.

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