Behind Closed Doors: Eleven Chapters in Hypertext

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Behind Closed Doors - by Alina Reyes

Welcome, woman, to the lair of Eros. I, its humble servant, want to be
with you everywhere your desire impels you as you enter the doors of this
kingdom, for my sweetest joy will be to be your companion in all the
pleasures you indulge in, to share with you all the men, all the passions
we have dreamed about, and, with the same ardor, to satisfy the most
secret impulses of our souls and our bodies.

Woman, my beautiful equal, should I address you familiarly or more
formally, with admiration? At least know this, my passionate friend, that
once we have passed through the doors of Eros, once we have been
introduced to the labyrinth of fantasy of the god who lies deep inside
the hollow of our bellies, I will be your most devoted accomplice. I will
be the hand which guides your hand, with you I will feel the fabulous
fire-breathing monster which will split open your body and the kisses
which will send flames of lava flowing over our flesh.

So, if you are willing, let us play. For the only guide to losing
yourself in this kingdom is the game, with its pleasures and its risks.
At the entrance to the cave you will choose a thread, then another with
each new adventure, these threads leading you through the maze according
to the uncertain laws of your desire and of chance.

It is up to you to enter the labyrinth, to choose the doors you want to
open, so as to trace your own route, your own destiny.

Come, see how dark it is inside. Now everything is possible.