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You’re Going to Want to Try This New Weed Infused Coffee

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Finally, the coffee beverage we’ve all been waiting for. Washington based food retailer, Mirth Provisions, has perfected a way to cold brew coffee with cannabis. Each bottle features an eclectic flavor blended with 20 milligrams of locally grown weed, which is just enough to mellow you out without taking away your focus. The company has decided to name the products “Legal,” a play on words with Washington┬ástate’s legalization of marijuana. Some of the unique flavors include the “Sparkling Rainier Cherry” for an uplifting head high a gentle body buzz and “Sparking Lemon Ginger” for a powerful body buzz and smooth, free head high. The company will be going through state conducted inspections of the next few weeks, which gives them plenty of time to work out all the kinks before reefer is legal in your state.

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[h/t Design Taxi]