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1- Kid Rock was awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship but turned it down to backpack through New Zealand.

2- Mary Queen of Scots was an avid poker player and invented a game similar to the Texas Hold’em hundreds of years before its modern incarnation came to America.


3- Dung beetles will live in car engines during the winter and studies have shown they prefer Fords to Chevys.

4- Anthropologists have observed tribes that weep at births and rejoice at funerals.

5 – Honey doesn’t go bad.

6 – Vladimir Lenin was a tennis pro and once played a four hour match with Mao.


7 – Nascar drivers’ wives have the smallest heads of any other athletes’ wives from other major sports.

8 – Pigeon’s brains are hardwired to chase the color red similar to bulls.

9 – The first man to build what we know as modern clocks also invented the step ladder.

10 – As a teenager Katy Perry once sang the national anthem at the Iditarod, the famed dog sled race in Alaska.


8 – The average weight of an elephant dung is 15 pounds.

9 – North Korean leader Kim Jung Il bought a basketball made from pure gold made by Jeff Koons and had Dennis Rodman sign it.

10 – In a posthumously discovered journal, Mark Twain wrote a gay sex scene between Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.


11 – Metal plates do not attract lightning, studies say.

12 – Sources close to Princess Diana say she loathed badminton and often fell asleep in curlers.

13 – Bill Gates believes in God.

14 – In a 1899 twister in Arizona two bears were carried away almost 30 miles. Both survived.

15 – Shakespeare likely died of alcohol poisoning.


16 – The Olympics dropped the sport of whaling in 1901.

17 – Dalmatians are one of the dumbest dog breeds but some can understand American sign language.

18 – Herman Melville wrote Moby Dick having never seen the sea.

*These facts are based are hearsay, rumours, conjectures, gossip, truths, whiskey and other fiction. Believe them at your own risk.