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Kink and Coffee

A very unique addition to Portland, Oregon’s sex-positive culture is scheduled to open its doors this month.

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Here’s What You Need To Know About Sex Parties

It’s all about the buddy system, and you obviously need to get naked at the door.

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Our Sexual Selves

In Conversation with Author of ‘The Sex Myth’, Rachel Hills.

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Did This Couple Design the World’s Best Sex Toy?

They researched in the bedroom.

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This Filmmaker Thinks Sexts Are Art

Meet the artist behind Send Me Your Sexts.

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The Bedroom Interview: Stephen Malkmus

Bestselling author of “Wild” Cheryl Strayed interviewed Pavement lead singer Stephen Malkmus in his bedroom back in 2001.

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Freak Like Her

Elise Peterson gets to know Adina Howard, the original fiery hip-hop queen post freak—if ever a thing exists.

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BALTIMORE - Musician Dan Deacon photographed in his studio November 17, 2014

Learning to Relax with Dan Deacon

Nerve went to Baltimore to hang out with Dan Deacon, its musical ambassador, and learn about his new album Gliss Riffer.

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A Lesson from a Seasoned Sex Coach

“People say, ‘This is better than sex,’ and I think to myself, ‘You don’t know the kind of sex I’m talking about. Fuck that chocol…

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Meet the Woman Putting the Kink into Film Festivals

Talking with Lisa Vandever, the organizer of East coast porn festival Cinekink.

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Full House: Artist Z Behl and Her Deck of Male Nude Playing Cards

“Taking these pictures… it feels like a one-night stand or something.”

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Sitting Down with Debut Novelist Sarah Gerard

The debut author reveals what led her to write one of the hottest books of 2015, Binary Star.

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The Inner Workings of a Successful Exhibitionist Couple

Life’s too short to keep your sex life sitting in idle.

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A Day on the Job with a Professional Submissive

A client once paid the full rate to tickle her for 45 minutes.

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A Tantric Sex Coach Explains Sex Magic to Us

“Because I teach what I teach, there have been times that people have been a little afraid of me.”

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Talking Shop with an Online Escort Service

Q: How do people react to your job? A: The first thing they do is write down the domain name.

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Cozying Up with a Professional Cuddler

What I like to say is, “Natural reactions will occur.”

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The Real Work of a Bondage Therapist

“I mean, I’ve given a girl an orgasm from across the room before.”

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A Deeply Honest Conversation with a Veteran Swinger

“You don’t choose the Lifestyle, the Lifestyle chooses you.”

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Interviews from the Other Inbox

I interviewed every stranger that has ever contacted me through Facebook’s Other inbox.

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