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Are Your Sex Toys Spying on You?

Companies are now coming into the bedroom.

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Study Finds Rich Old Women Have Great Sex

A new study says it’s all about power in your golden years.

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On Biology and Destiny

What does genetics say about gender identity?

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A Disneyland for Sex?

Sorry no sex allowed.

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Rihanna ascended steps of the Met donning a ten foot long golden robe. The best thing about her train: it’s resemblance to eggs.

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Autobiography of a Body

Can sex teach beauty? The late Lucy Grealy on “sex as a state of being rather than a state of action.”

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My Dream Scream Team

What I’m looking for in a honest scream is weight, fury, and conviction. It’s both joy and anger.

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Liable Only As Sin

Looking back at 1960’s EROS magazine creator Ralph Ginzburg’s obscenity trials.

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Magic Against Death

With a newly published collection of his writing, cult poet Frank Stanford rises from his tragic past.

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The Erotic Surrealism of Alva Bernadine

London photographer Alva Bernadine uses visual misdirection to create a quality in his art that is foreign yet familiar.

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Discovered & Rediscovered

David Lynch Leather Jackets, Madonna’s SEX Book, and Puff Puff Pass Ashtrays.

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Our Irish Goodbye

Nerve was invited to to enjoy a long Irish weekend and we’re just now recovering from our hangovers enough to write about it…

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Peggy likes the Pegging: Bad Advice with Bad Barrington

The A-Team taught us that impossible things can be accomplished using the element of surprise. Pegging is no different.

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The Double Life of a Human Carpet

“He came to meet me in the library. I was surprised to be shaking hands with a polite gentleman in pleated pants.”

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My Russian Dr. Feelgood

Find the little brick building with the yellow sign. A doctor there will write a prescription for anything.

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Give Your Sweetheart a $40 Chocolate Mold of Your Anus and Other News

Keanu Reeves is a gentleman, France is down with BDSM for kids, and Dr. Phil can’t speak.

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Dinosaurs Tripped on Shrooms and Other News

Bob Dylan, porn you don’t watch, and sleeping without dreams.

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Music More or Less Sucks and Other News

Shoe-throwing Scientologists, Chekhov the reporter and the original masterbating artist.

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Nerve’s in LA this Week

Have a great LA story Nerve should cover? Give us a shout! (420 friendly)

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Artist Indigo Lewin Finds Beauty in the Blizzards

A Londoner’s look at the Manhattan winter.

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