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They promised us Juno would be the end of the world. Not quite. But at least you get the day off. And hey, it’s still a cold one out there, folks. So enjoy some Nerve longreads to get you through the impending hibernation:

1 – Meet the Long Lost Keith Haring Collaborator

Warhol tried to kiss him, Basquiat bought his paintings and Keith Haring was his partner in crime. A profile of artist LA2. 

backward mask

2 – My New Re-Virginity by Steve Almond

This classic short story asks the question, “Can we really go back?”


 3 – Lookin’ For Love In All The Wrong Places, Specifically A Mental Institution

“For obvious reasons, a mental hospital seemed like a bad place to pick up women.” Nick Keppler tells the true story of finding love in low places.


4 – The Night I Watched Porn Like Your Grandparents Did

Kate Hakala has a weird night in Brooklyn watching vintage porn with James Franco. “It was the most James Franco thing James Franco could do.”


5 – A Wild, Free, Completely Nude Weekend with the Young Naturists of America (NSFW)

“My first foray into nudism actually started when I was 11 years old.” That about says it all. 


Stay warm!