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It’s that time of year again. You’re roasting chestnuts (hopefully safely) on an open fire, you’re polishing your silver bells, you’re chugging granny’s stout eggnog and preparing yourself for all the pleated cargo shorts you’ll be getting from your loud racist Uncle. Still not in the Christmas spirit though? Does the yuletide feel like an abstract whirlpool of consumerism and depressing forced fun? Nerve can soothe you. Here’s some classic Nerve stories we think might brighten your holiday.

1 – Ranked: The 100 Best Christmas Movies of All Time


Your survival guide to those TBS and ABC Family marathons.

1 – Five Christmas Movies With Inadvertently Terrible Messages


Some Christmas flicks don’t even attempt to include pleasant behavior or examples of non-sociopathic human interaction. 

3 – Best of Craigslist: Hanukkah Hook-ups


A little something to keep the oil burning in the menorah a few more nights. Some wild Hanukkah hook-ups via Craigslist.

4 – Ranked: The 50 Best Christmas-Themed TV Episodes Ever


Need some TV to get you through the freezing Christmas night? Here’s the 50 best Christmas TV episodes of all time.

5 – Five Christmas Songs That Don’t Suck


Mom’s blasting her Christmas mix on repeat. Slip in a few of these Christmas gems that actually don’t suck.