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Georgio, a massage therapist from Connecticut, says goodbye to his last client of the day before going home and changing out of his khakis and sweater. He loads an oriental carpet into his car and heads toward Manhattan.

An hour later he is at a fetish party lyin on the floor wrapped in the carpet with only his eyes and nose visible. Women wearing spike heels and latex stand atop him chatting nonchalantly while sipping their drinks.

This massage therapist has a secret kink. He calls himself a human carpet.

Georgio has spent the last 15 years living a double life in order to indulge his fetish for having people walk all over him.

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Friends and clients in his affluent suburban Connecticut town have no idea that, a few nights a week, he drives to New York City fetish events, wraps himself in a rug and lets strangers walk all over him.

He hides the compulsion to fulfill this deviant desire knowing that most people in his life would neither accept nor understand it.

As a human carpet, Georgio has a fetish shared by few others. He wants to be walked all over – literally. He loves the pressure, the contact and the release when people step off. It can be sexual, certainly, but it isn’t always.

The unusual desire to be stepped on has been with him since childhood, when he would encourage friends to walk on him on his living room floor. “It’s a different world,” he said, but one he can’t recall ever living outside of. The fascination with being walked on continued as he got into sexual relationships. He’s asked every girlfriend he has had to help satiate this need.

He began carpeting professionally 15 years ago. He is booked a few nights every week and makes $200 per event, mostly in the tri-state area. He has been asked to work fetish parties in locales as far-flung as Europe but has not yet taken his service international.

Men and women in the fetish scene get a kick out of standing on Georgio while they wait to get their drinks at the bar. Some walk up and down the length of him and grind their heels in while others get off on simply standing on him and ignoring him while sipping Black Russians. At a recent New York City fetish event a young man with bleached hair, platform boots and chains across his chest stomped on the human carpet to the thumping beat of an out-of-date industrial track.

That was the night I first met Georgio.

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I walked into the fetish party in Manhattan, ditched my coat and headed for the bar. There was a big lump of something on the floor obscuring my path. It was a rolled up oriental carpet. I looked closer. It had eyes and a nose. It was a guy rolled up in a carpet with a sign that said “Please walk on me, I’m a human carpet.”

I jumped on and got my drink.

The man remained in my head and, the next day, I got his contact information from a mutual friend, determined to learn more about the man on the floor.

When he came to meet me in the library of his small town, I was surprised to be shaking hands with a sweet, polite gentleman in his 50s sporting pleated pants, a houndstooth sweater and neatly trimmed gray facial hair.

It’s unlikely that anyone would guess his hidden tastes by looking at him.

He’s always kept his lifestyle under the carpet, so to speak. His parents and siblings don’t know, nor do his friends or any of his massage therapy clients.

In Connecticut, Georgio has a different life and he’s happy with that. “The kind of parties I go to are very very different than the life I have out here. It’s a very different group of friends,” he said.

Living alone makes it easier to store his carpet without questions and negates the need to explain late nights out. “I’m not close enough with the people in my life that they would press me about where I’m going or what I’m doing,” he said.

He admits that he keeps most people at arm’s length to protect his secret.

Letting his suburban circle in on his lifestyle has never been an idea he’s entertained. “They would think it was too weird,” he said. “They would stop talking to me.”

“Ive been a private person for most of my life. I think people know that. What I do with my private time is my business. Whether I choose to go to some vanilla dinner party or to a wild fetish party dressed in a carpet and let people walk on me – that’s not any of their business.”

Before going pro, knowledge of his fetish was relegated to a few trusted friends and girlfriends that would occasionally walk on him. He never got the frequency or variety he wanted in being walked on from these scenarios.


Today, he’s been host to more than ten women at once and has had a 400 pound man stand on him. “The pressure is comforting to me no matter who the person is. It’s sexual in certain situations but not when guys or uninterested women step on me. If someone just stands on me for 30 seconds at the bar while they wait for their drink, I don’t get turned on by that – but I still enjoy the pressure,” he said.

The most ideal situation is when a hot woman walks on him in heels, paying lots of attention to his groin and face. “Then I’m very happy. That gets to be a little sexual. For both of us, “ he said. He does get hard when he’s in the carpet but he says he has never ejaculated inside of it.

Carpeting provides him with the same kind of emotional release that sex with a partner provides for others. Georgio admits experiencing a post-coital feeling after he gets out of the carpet.

It feels good while people are standing on him but even better when they step off. “It’s amazing if you have five or six people standing on you and then they get off, the release of tension is like an orgasm,” he said. “The feeling increases exponentially if I’m attracted to the person.

“Having an attractive woman walking all over you is an exotic feeling, to be completely physically under her body and at her mercy, unable to move. It’s something else.”

In an ideal sexual relationship, his lifestyle would play into his sex life as foreplay. “She’d walk on me some. Maybe nude walking on me on all fours with some hand play.”

While Georgio likes to be walked on but he’s no doormat.

I assumed he was a submissive, but he doesn’t consider himself one. “I’ve explored that world quite thoroughly and the answer is no. If a woman bosses me around and tells me to to do her laundry or get her groceries. No, I’m not doing that. I’ll tell her to go find someone else!”

Based on what they see in his performance, he attracts lots of dominant women who are looking for submissives.

“Years ago, when I first started doing parties, women would ask if I wanted to get into a sub/dom relationship with them. They would say, ‘I need a personal slave in my life’ and I’d say ‘Ok, what does that entail?’ and they’d say, ‘Well, can you do this for me and that for me?’ and I’d be like ‘Okay’ and, like a week into it I’d be like, ‘Nah, I’m done with this. Now I tell them right away, ‘I’m not into that.”


He’s had a few flings with women who walked on him during his act. They never became serious though. As members of the fetish community they, “usually had other people in their lives and were looking to have some fun. I guess they wanted some carpet relations on the side.”

Georgio is single now and has been for more than three years. He stopped seeking out relationships since, he admits, his lifestyle has been a problem in every instance. In his mind, the carpet is more integral to who he is and his happiness than having a wife or girlfriend.

His relationships have been traditional monogamous, heterosexual affairs with minimal deviation from traditional sex – but all the women knew about his carpeting from the outset.

“They all claimed to be okay with it but it always ended in conflict. Consistently, it became difficult for them to deal with the carpet side of me. They stopped accepting me going to these events but this is my lifestyle.”

Though carpeting its not penetrative sex and may or may not be considered cheating by a partner, it can be sexual and he gets hard when a good looking woman walks on him. That was the problem for many of the girlfriends – that it kept him away from home and in close contact with deviant, beautiful women.

Though his carpeting has caused the downfall of his relationships, he says without hesitation that he never considered giving it up.

The partners all eventually gave him an ultimatum, it was them or the carpet – and the carpet was the only choice for him.

“All I’m looking for is carpet fun now,” he said.

When I asked if his doctor knew about it and if he’d had any health issues, he gave me a shocked look and let out a big laugh, “No, he doesn’t know about it!”

He’s had no major medical problems from his kink though he does get nicked up.

When he gets home at dawn after some kink party, he’s covered in dust from nightclub floors and dirt from people’s shoes. Before going to bed he takes a shower and gets out his first aid kit to carefully clean the cuts and scratches left on his face by women’s heels.